Some common configuration options are described here. Use --help to print all available options.


Only for kuha_sync. Required positional argument. Absolute path to file or directory. Repeat to process multiple paths.

--document-store-url <document_store_url>

Required. Full URL to Document Store, for example http://localhost:6001/v0. May also be controlled by setting environment variable: KUHA_DS_URL.

--collection <collection>

Only for kuha_sync. Limits the import to a spesific document type. Valid values are [studies,variables,questions,study_groups]. Set None to import all document types. Defaults to None.

--file-cache <path>
Only for kuha_sync. Path to a cache file. Will be created if

not present. Leave unset (default) to not use file caching.


Only for kuha_sync. Do not remove records that were not found in this batch.

--delete-type <type>

Only for kuha_delete. Select delete type: soft or hard. Soft is for logical deletions, hard is for physical deletions. Defaults to soft.

-h, --help

Show help and exit.