Source code for kuha_osmh_repo_handler.serve

#!/usr/bin/env python3
# Author(s): Toni Sissala
# Copyright 2020 Finnish Social Science Data Archive FSD / University of Tampere
# Licensed under the EUPL. See LICENSE.txt for full license.
"""Main entry point for starting OSMH Repo Handler
import sys

import logging
import traceback

import kuha_common.server

from kuha_osmh_repo_handler.configure import configure
from kuha_osmh_repo_handler.handlers import (

[docs]def get_app(api_version, app_settings=None): """Setup routes and return initialized Tornado web application. :param api_version: HTTP Api version gets prepended to routes. :type api_version: str :param app_settings: Settings to store to application. :type app_settings: dict or None. :returns: Tornado web application. :rtype: :obj:`tornado.web.Application` """ handlers = [ ("/SupportedVersions", SupportedVersionsHandler), (kuha_common.server.str_api_endpoint( api_version, r"ListRecordHeaders" ), ListRecordHeadersHandler), (kuha_common.server.str_api_endpoint( api_version, r"ListSupportedRecordTypes" ), ListSupportedRecordTypesHandler), (kuha_common.server.str_api_endpoint( api_version, r"ListRecordHeaders/(?P<record_type>Question|Study|StudyGroup|Variable)" ), ListRecordHeadersHandler), (kuha_common.server.str_api_endpoint( api_version, r"GetRecord/(?P<record_type>Question|Study|StudyGroup|Variable)/(?P<identifier>.*)"), GetRecordHandler) ] web_app = kuha_common.server.WebApplication(handlers) if app_settings: web_app.settings = app_settings return web_app
[docs]def main(): """Application main function. Parse commandline for settings. Pass settings to :func:`kuha_osmh_repo_handler.server.main`. Exit on exceptions propagated at this level. :returns: exit code, 1 on error, 0 on success. :rtype: int """ rval = 0 settings = configure() if settings.print_configuration: print("Print active configuration and exit\n") for key, value in settings._get_kwargs(): print("{} ... {}".format(key, value)) return rval app_settings = {'kuha_settings': settings} web_app = get_app(settings.osmh_repo_handler_api_version, app_settings) try: kuha_common.server.serve(web_app, settings.port) except KeyboardInterrupt: rval = 1 logging.warning("Shutdown by CTRL + C") except Exception as exc: rval = 1 logging.error(str(exc)) traceback.print_exc() finally: # Cleanup"Shutdown") return rval
if __name__ == '__main__': sys.exit(main())